Connecting the Dots with scribbles

CONNECTING THE DOTS - Starting this Wednesday PMS students are invited to stay after school to enjoy some “fun time” with their friends. They will be able to create some artwork and/or play board/card games. They can bring their own board game from home, but they must drop it off in the front office Wednesday morning. NO ELECTRONIC GAMES ALLOWED. 

This is a time for students to engage and socialize with one another😁To attend students must: 

  1.  Have a tutoring form on file and parents must know they are staying.  (Students can ride the bus home or  parents may pick up. Parents must be on time.)
  2.  Must have a “C” or better in all classes. 
  3.  Have no more than 3 missing assignments in all courses. 
  4.  Attend the first hour of tutoring if they haven’t met the necessary academic requirements 
  5.  Sign up on the tutoring sheet in the Cafeteria during lunch

Remember this is for Wednesdays only! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!