Welcome Front of School


Doors Open:  7:15
Classes Begin: 7:50
End Time: 3:05

Communication: One of our goals is to make sure there are many ways to reach out students and  families.
We will be sharing information via monthly newsletters,  our school web-page, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, e-mail, Livegrades, system phone calls, etc.

find us on Fb
Poca Middle School uses a closed Facebook group as our main source of
sharing information, photos, videos, newsletters and schedule of events.

Please note: This Facebook page is only for students and family members.  
In order to join, please send us a request. Soon after, you will  receive a
message validating who you are and what student(s) you have at PMS.
  (You must respond to the message to be an approved member!  Safety first!)